Design Services

Design Services

Architectural Design

At McMillen Design International, design is a process that includes idea generation, planning and design to meet the vision and aspirations of our clients. We develop unique building solutions that are responsive to program requirements with effective integration of functional elements and site context. We create interesting and immersive environments by manipulating form, materials and technology.

Master Planning

We create master plans that strike the right balance between the individual components of multi-use facility projects and determine the best fit for the applicable project elements within the context of the physical site. Our master plans include programming studies, analysis, assessments, recommendations, and proposals based on available data including population, economic studies, transportation services, surrounding facilities and community and regional characteristics.


To create a successful high-functioning building, we apply an integrated design approach to the project during the programming phase. We work with our clients to document the attributes of each space, identifying size, materials, technology, key components and proximity relationships that are critical in creating a successful design. By developing a thorough and comprehensive program, the entire design process is guided to solutions which address the myriad of functional and technical issues which must be incorporated to achieve a successful building project.


McMillen Design International develops creative solutions to achieve interior environments that deliver award winning experiences. Using a systematic process including analysis and coordination of functional needs with materials and form, we are able to deliver on our client’s vision and creative goals. We extend the building concept throughout the interior spaces to reflect our client’s desired experience. Design goals are achieved through the use of light, color and material finishes and inclusion of dynamic elements that deliver a defining difference.


To make our design intent clear and understandable for our clients, we develop renderings and illustrations that represent the design essence, mood, energy, and emotion of our ideas. Through the use of illustrations, photography and graphics, MDI’s project visualization process allows clients to understand key elements of the design and see relationships between major project components and individual building elements. In this way, clients are able to better guide the design and development process toward a solution that successfully delivers upon the intended project vision.