Superhero Island

Superhero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

As Facility Design Architect for SuperHero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park, McMillen worked with a highly creative team to infuse life into the world of Marvel comic books. Larger than life comic book heroes and villains to stage a dramatic battle across the facades of the buildings in a scene straight out of a Marvel comic book. Design, development, and construction of seven major attractions within a three-year time frame resulted in development of arguably the world’s best theme park ride “The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman”, along with one of the world’s most exciting rocket-launch roller coasters “The Incredible Hulk Coaster”. Also developed was Dr. Doom’s FearFall; a 3 second, 200 foot vertical lift thrill ride, with a ‘faster than gravity’ ride down in open seats. SuperHero Island has been identified as one of the most exciting theme lands ever developed.

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Client Universal Studios
Location Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL
Year 1999
Responsibility Facility Design Architect
Associates Universal Creative