Shanghai Pearl Tower Visitor Center

Shanghai Pearl Tower
Visitor Center

This invited competition entry was presented just prior to funds becoming unavailable for the Projects’ execution. After research into the history, traditions, and development of the Pearl Tower, the storyline for the existing district was developed. Project goals included; provide a clear and accessible pedestrian circulation system, increase the economic and entertainment value of the district, and provide public spaces which celebrate the uniqueness of this world renowned location. These goals were met by drawing inspiration from development the Pearl Tower itself, which was originally conceived in response to a famous poem “The Pipa Song”. The proposed architectural and environmental details followed multiple verses of the Poem in a concept that called for transforming the Feng He Lu Boulevard into a pedestrian friendly environment, enhancing the park system along the river’s edge, and creating a focal gateway at the end of the street to terminate this end of the Bund River District.

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Client Shanghai Pearl Tower
Location Shanghai, China
Year 2002
Responsibility Director of Architecture
Associates Romero Petrilli Vanrell Associates